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Are you looking for ADAS Calibration for your vehicle?

ADAS Calibration

Major car manufacturers globally now provide a host of sensors and other input sources bundled as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). These systems reduce on-road mishaps and enhance driver and passenger safety, by notifying the driver in real-time of any potential hazards and suggest/execute necessary evasive actions.

Therefore, the ADAS calibration of your vehicle needs to be accurate for it to function optimally. As a result, it is necessary to opt for a routine check of Advanced Driver Assist Systems after every two years or after every minor or major accident to restore its functional level (might vary from brand to brand).

Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline is a reliable car workshop for ADAS calibration Birmingham. We have a team of trained professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment for ADAS calibration.

Now, customers can also pay their billed amount in monthly instalments using our credit line facility if they are not comfortable paying the entire bill upfront.

How does ADAS work?

Nearly 90% of the accidents in the UK are due to human errors. To improve this situation, modern cars are fitted with sensors that continually monitor the environment around your vehicle, courtesy of its sensors, camera, radar, etc., that are generally mounted on grille, bumper, windscreen, etc., collectively called ADAS.

These sensors include RADAR, Computer Vision, LiDAR and other in-car networking and detection mechanisms.

When these systems detect any situation that poses a potential safety threat to your vehicle, the car’s ECU will trigger a warning light or a sound till the driver takes necessary actions. Otherwise, the ECU will take the required actions to prevent the collision.

Some higher-end models from reputed manufacturers like Nissan, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc., also come with 360o cameras for side and rear monitoring as well. Hence, you can understand how crucial these systems are. Therefore, in case of any issue, don’t delay and opt for our ADAS calibration Birmingham.

ADAS applications

Some of the most widely found ADAS applications include:

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

This is useful on the highways when people need to maintain a consistent speed for extended periods. ACC monitors the immediate environment and accelerates or slows down accordingly.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

The driver will get a visual and audio warning from AEB when any moving or stationary object is dangerously close to the vehicle. The sensors will autonomously trigger the brakes to avert the collision.

Blind Spot Detection

Multiple radars and sensors are fit on the vehicle to continually track the blind spots, both at the front and rear. These ADAS sensors then warn the driver of any oncoming vehicle or obstacle in the blind spot.

Parking Assist

Sensors and cameras installed at the front and rear of the vehicle scan for a parking space and assist the driver in avoiding any collision by delivering a better view of the surroundings. Some vehicles use multiple sensors and radars along with cameras to facilitate automatic parking without driver intervention.

How often do you need ADAS calibration?

We recommend you opt for an inspection of ADAS sensors Birmingham after:

  • Windscreen replacement
  • Bodywork repairs
  • Steering column repairs
  • Suspension system repairs
  • Wheel alignment, etc.

Therefore, to avoid any mishap, drop by at Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline to end your search for ADAS calibration near me.

Our facility is located at Unit 2 Adams Street, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 4DH, UK.

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