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Are you looking for MOT for your vehicle?


The MOT test is an annual vehicle assessment to check for roadworthiness, safety and emission levels in the UK, and it is a legal requirement for most vehicles over three years old.

Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline is a certified MOT testing centre in Aston,Birmingham. Our testers have completed stringent training and undergo continuous re-evaluation to conduct accurate and reliable results.

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Moreover, we offer credit line options, making it easier for customers to pay for our high-quality products/services. Using this facility, you can pay us in instalments with no interest involved for up to 12 months.

Why should you opt for an MOT check Birmingham from us?

In case your vehicle fails its MOT Birmingham, we offer free partial re-tests if you get the repairs done from us within 10 working days. Our MOT repairs involve complete repair/replacement services to make your vehicle roadworthy again. We are specialists in MOT repairs and ensure every vehicle, which has previously failed the MOT, passes the check after our repairs.

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Parameters included in our MOT check

We conduct a thorough examination on the following parts to make sure your vehicle meets the legal standards.


We check the condition of all braking system parts and verify if they are operational.


The functionality of the steering wheel, column or handlebars, forks or yokes and steering play and EPS is inspected. Any inoperative, dangerously corroded or unsafely modified part will result in an MOT fail.

Axles, suspension, tyres and wheels

The tyres must be correct for the vehicle and have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. The wheels must be properly fitted and have no major structural defects. All the suspension parts, TPMS, axle and wheel bearings must be in working order.


Any serious restriction to the driver's field of vision will result in an MOT fail. We will check the windscreen, windscreen wipers and washers.


None of the lights, including headlamps, front and rear lamps, stop lamps, reversing lamps, fog lights, rear reflectors, etc., can be missing, inoperative or detached.

Some other checks include seat belts, horn, speedometer, airbags, etc.

What happens when your car fails an MOT check Birmingham?

If an important vehicle component has a dangerous or major defect, it will not pass the MOT. You will receive a VT 30 “fail” certificate. If your car fails its MOT, you can't drive or park on public roads; otherwise, you can be fined up to £2500, get 3 penalty points or be banned from driving.

On the other hand, if your car passes all the tests as per DVSA standards, you will receive a VT 20 “pass” certificate. Please note that minor defects and advisories do not affect the pass or fail of a vehicle.

You can take a partial re-test within 10 working days of the failed test. Otherwise, you will have to opt for a new test.

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Call us on 01213288302 or 07511188866 to book an MOT check Birmingham or drop by our garage directly during business hours. We are located at Unit 2 Adams Street, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 4DH, UK.

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