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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

"In my region, it almost never snows"; "I drive only short distances, mostly in the city". True, most people in the UK consider these factors and unfortunately decide against a set of winter tyres Birmingham, but many people also regret afterwards when stuck on- or slip off the road. Do you know, experts recommend using winter tyres whenever the temperatures drop below 7°C to avoid dangerous situations?

Winter tyres are specially designed tyres able to grip the road not only when driving through the snow but also when it is icy. At Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline, you will find a vast collection of winter tyres to choose from. We stock almost every popular brand at great prices.

    How to select and use a new set of winter tyres

    Winter tyres are remarkably different compared to other tyre types . They are made of a softer rubber compound that stays flexible even in the harshest winter conditions.

    This way they keep optimal road contact and braking quality.

    When you visit us to winter tyres Birmingham, we will help you pick the best set depending on your driving habits, vehicle type and budget.

    You already have winter tyres?

    Great! We will be more than happy to carry out your seasonal tyre change.

    But before we do so, we will check whether the tyres are still in good shape.

    Is there still sufficient tread (a minimum of 1.6 mm by law) on them? Experts recommend at least 4 mm to be safe.

    How old are your tyres?. After six years, the rubber compound will become. This will have an impact on the grip, and therefore your safety.

    Is there any damage? We will have a good look to make sure there are no bulges on the sidewall, punctures etc.

    Once we have checked all safety points, the fitting of your winter tyres Birmingham is straight forward and we can do it in a very short time.

    Buy winter tyres Birmingham.

    At our store, you will find a variety of top-quality products. All of them come with original EU tyre labels attached.

    Every single product is offered at very affordable price.

    Visit Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline to buy winter tyres in Birmingham

    You can purchase your winter tyres Birmingham comfortably online or directly at our workshop.

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