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Are you looking for Cambelt Service for your vehicle?


A cambelt is a rubber belt that synchronises the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. Also referred to as a timing belt, it maintains the firing rate of the engine. A damaged cambelt will result in a misfiring engine, and the vehicle’s ECU will trigger the check engine light.

Like every other vehicle component, cambelts too are susceptible to wear and tear and need a timely replacement. Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline is a reliable car workshop for cambelt repairs Birmingham, courtesy of our experienced technicians and all the necessary advanced equipment.

Why should you opt for cambelt repairs?

A cambelt needs to be in optimal condition to effectively facilitate synchronisation between the crankshaft and camshaft. If the timing belt snaps, there will be no transfer of power and the firing rate of your car engine will be affected. This will result in erratic piston movement and loss of sync between crankcase and valves.

If not replaced on time, you might end up with irreparable car engine damage. Hence, make sure to opt for cambelt replacements Birmingham from a reliable garage like us.

Symptoms of a worn-out cambelt

Some tell-tale signs of a damaged cambelt are as follows:

Check engine light: If the timing belt snaps or sustains substantial damages, the ECU will trigger the check engine light on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Rough idling: An engine with a damaged cambelt will be unable to sustain uniform power output when in neutral or idle mode, resulting in rough idling.

Erratic RPM: Since the synchronisation is compromised due to a broken timing belt, the engine will be unable to maintain a consistent RPM (revolutions per minute). Therefore, if you detect erratic RPMs, it is imperative to opt for cambelt repairs Birmingham at your earliest.

Engine misfires: With the engine’s firing rate compromised due to a damaged timing belt, there will be issues while starting your car, and the engine will stall uncharacteristically. In such cases, opting for cambelt replacement Birmingham from a professional garage like us is recommended.

Odd noises from the engine: Do you hear odd noises whenever you are starting your car engine? If there is also a grinding tone to it, this can be due to metals grinding against each other unusually, due to a worn cambelt.

Why Smart MOT?

We house OE grade spares for cambelt replacement Birmingham to ensure assured performance and durability.

You can opt for our credit line facility if you are unable to pay the billed amount upfront. Instead, you can pay in monthly instalments as per convenience.

Therefore, delay no more and end your search for cambelt repairs near me with Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline.

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