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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?

DPF Cleaning

A diesel engine car requires routine DPF cleaning services to perform optimally and reduce the emission of harmful gases to meet all roadworthiness parameters prescribed by the government. Diesel combustion results in carbon residues, soot, sulphur and nitrogen oxides, fly ash, etc. A diesel particulate filter or a DPF filter is specifically designed to absorb these impurities and facilitate healthy emission levels. However, these filters come with a limited capacity and need a DPF cleaning service after a specific period of time for it to prevent clogging and continue functioning optimally.

Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline is a dependable car workshop for DPF cleaning Birmingham. Our experts provide you with a quote depending on the process necessary upon a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s DPF. They are well-versed with the procedures and can efficiently use the necessary equipment to clean your car’s clogged DPF efficiently in minimum turn-around time.

Further, if you are under any financial constraint, we have got you covered. You can now pay for our DPF cleaning services in monthly instalments as per your convenience with our credit line facility.

Importance of DPF cleaning

Opt for our DPF cleaning Birmingham for the following reasons:

A professional DPF cleaning will prevent excessive soot deposition – thereby extending the DPF’s service life.

DPF cleaning also ensures your vehicle’s emission level pertains to Euro V standards to maintain environment-friendliness.

Our routing DPF regeneration Birmingham also helps to keep your car’s diesel engine in top-notch condition and deliver optimal fuel efficiency.

Signs of a clogged DPF

Some tell-tale signs of an underperforming DPF include:

    • Diminished mileage
    • Increased emissions from your car exhaust
    • Compromised engine performance due to hindrances in the combustion process

It is imperative to opt for a DPF cleaning Birmingham immediately if you notice any of the above symptoms.

How do we conduct DPF cleaning Birmingham?

We follow two common procedures for DPF cleaning:

Passive regeneration: In this process, our experts will heat up your vehicle’s engine to 600oC by running the engine at a sustained speed for around forty to fifty minutes. This burns excess soot blocking the DPF and restores its efficiency.

Active regeneration: Here, the ECU injects fuel when the filter weight reaches a predetermined limit set by the manufacturer, to raise exhaust temperature and burn off the clogged soot.

However, if the above two procedures are unsuccessful, our experts will use a forced or manual regeneration process to clean the DPF.

Why Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline?

Opting for DPF cleaning Birmingham from a professional workshop like ours is imperative as most DPF issues arise due to incomplete or inefficient DPF cleaning. As a result, the DPF gets blocked frequently, and emissions increase. This hinders optimal engine performance, and in some advanced models, sends the car to a limp-home mode.

Therefore, to avoid such issues, drop by at our facility at Unit 2 Adams Street, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 4DH, UK, and end your search for a professional DPF cleaning service near me.

Reach out to our experts on 01213 288302 / 075111 88866 for any further information on DPF cleaning Birmingham.

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