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It is a mandate in the UK to label new tyres to sell them legally. A tyre label informs a buyer of its performance parameters – like fuel efficiency, wet braking ability, etc. However, this label has been updated in 2021 with some minor changes.

Smart MOT & Service Centre Creditline houses an extensive range of tyres Birmingham. All these tyres come with their respective tyre label attached. Our inventory comprises tyres from every price range – premium, mid-range and budget to help us cater to a broader customer base searching for tyres near me in and around Birmingham.

Moreover, we also offer a credit line facility to help our customers further. With this option, you can pay the total billed amount in easy interest-free monthly instalments instead of paying the total amount upfront.

Regardless, before you buy tyres, it’s crucial you know about the meaning of tyre labels to make an informed decision.

How to decode a tyre label?

A tyre label mainly consists of three types of information: fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise emission. Here is a detailed understanding of these parameters.

Fuel efficiency: This is denoted by letters ranging from A to E. A-rated tyres deliver the best fuel efficiency, courtesy of reduced rolling resistance, and are marked in Green. On the other hand, E-rated tyres deliver the lowest fuel efficiency and are marked in Red.

The difference in output between A- and E-rated tyres is nearly 7.5% in terms of fuel efficiency.

Wet grip: This rating depends on the stopping distance on wet surfaces. Tyres are rated between A and E. The ones rated ‘A’ deliver the best wet grip performance, while tyres rated ‘E’ deliver the worst wet grip.

Noise: External noise emission by tyres is now rated between ‘A’ and ‘C’. While A-rated tyres emit noises measuring between 67dB and 71dB, C-rated tyres are the noisiest (72dB-76dB).

Other information on a tyre label

There are two other icons on the tyre label as mentioned below:

    • Severe snow conditions icon (3PMSF)
    • Grip in icy conditions (for C1 tyres only)

Apart from this, there is also a QR code with a link to EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) to help buyers get access to view and download relevant tyre information.

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